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How are experts in the event ticketing industry innovating to enhance the attendee experience? We’ll introduce you to the steps and missteps, tools, and best practices related to CX.

Learn about trends in customer experience

Customer experience (CX) has become a buzzword of sorts, with businesses increasingly investing in it. We’ll decode it for you and let you in on where organizations can focus their efforts to improve CX. 

Cater to the growing event traveling audience

Events are an experience, a destination, and, for many, an opportunity to travel. We’re prioritizing this growing audience and we think you should too, starting with creating convenience in the event traveler experience. Read on.

Find out how industry experts are innovating

Innovations are happening at lightspeed in the event ticketing industry, and event attendees are expecting more and more with each one. Where can you implement these changes in your platform?

We’ll go over user-experience (UX) rules to live by, and give you insight on how to use the post-checkout space to create new streams of revenue for your platform.

Make checkout as convenient as possible